We can’t bear to take down any of the photos Sally Grace has taken of our children over the years as they are all so precious. They are without a doubt my favourite photographs.

Corinne Smith

The most beautiful photos I’ve ever had taken of my gorgeous daughter are the ones taken by Sally Grace. I still display photos she took 10 years ago as well as her recent ones because they’re so lovely.

Lyn Briggs

I loved all the photos Sally took of my children. I just couldn’t make a choice so finally ordered the whole lot! They are wonderful.

Caire Butcher

Beautiful photos of my son and I. Sally is fabulous and my son thinks she’s ace! She was so accommodating as it was a bit of a rush for my Dad’s 80th birthday. It made my Dad’s birthday getting to choose some wonderful photos. I would recommend her to anyone.

Claire Knight

I will always treasure Sally’s brilliant photos of my children and of our family together.

Moyna Lee

We would recommend Sally to anyone as she put us all at ease and made us feel relaxed. The photos are a very high quality as was the service provided. The after-sales was excellent as she took time with us to choose from the huge selection of products.

Diane and Bob Creary